On the Biopulsar-Reflexograph the typical energy flow is represented between 45-60; however, if one uses a lot of energy from a chakra centre, with little or no energy reserve, than the chakra loses energy rapidly depleting the energy centre very quickly. Between 58-72 shows an optimum reserve of energy, which allows one to use any of the centres with good power behind it. Values between 45-57 are normal, but little reserve is available. Under 45 signifies an energy loss and conditions where symptoms can begin to manifest.

The closer all the chakra percentages, the better the communication between the centres and the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual power one has. For energy flow to move up the chakras there must be good strength in the root centre and throughout all the chakras. If any centre is over or under-active than this indicates a chakra blockage or an energy jam. All energy disturbances can be balanced through the daily use of colour.

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ACTIVITY UNDER 45% At the moment lacks spiritual and Godly connection, inspiration & creativity. Low self-value.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Moderate beliefs. Good spiritual connection and fair flow of inspiration and creativity.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Strong beliefs. Spiritual channel open with good flow of inspiration and creativity.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% May place too much trust in the Universe. Egotistical and feeling of superiority.

Ungrounded and unrealistic. Too open and too many thoughts.


ACTIVITY UNDER 45% Represses or has little trust in intuition. Sleeping problems, headaches, lethargy, depression.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Fairly good intuitive connection. Good understanding and fairly empathic when the chakra percent is high.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Strong intuitive connection. Very empathetic. Very good understanding and humanistic.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% Psychic channel wide open. Extremely empathetic. Vivid imagination and daydreams often. When root is

low psychic problems can happen. Feeling of fear, depression and headaches may result.


ACTIVITY UNDER 45% Lacks power and confidence in self-expression. Soft/unused voice. Lump in throat. Stiff neck.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Ability to express when necessary. Yellow in throat indicates a person who expresses knowledge.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Understands the importance of self-expression. Likes to teach others important values.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% Either strongly vocalizes opinions and beliefs or fears expression. Holds verbal stresses.


ACTIVITY UNDER 45% Imbalance of giving and receiving. Lacks self-love and self-worth. Inability to breathe deeply.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Green indicates balanced flow of energy. Yellow in heart can mean protecting or cautious of feelings.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Open to loving unconditionally. Feelings of love towards oneself and others.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% Too Giving–Little Receiving, Too Sympathetic (Weight Problems). Breathing shallow & fast.


ACTIVITY UNDER 45% Lacks self-esteem, clarity, focus and individualism. Pushover. Sluggish digestive system. Limited initiative.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Uses moderate Ego energy. Ability to pass on knowledge in a proactive way. Some thought hesitations.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Ability to access Ego centre in a positive way. Allows thoughts to progress through digestive system.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% Very independent and headstrong. Inflexible and too focused. Digestive problems (excess toxins)


ACTIVITY UNDER 45% Little emotional connection and enthusiasm for life. Emotionally depressed. Eating disorders. Stomach problems.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Able to sense and be emotional. Some degree of enthusiasm. Possible lower digestive issues.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Balanced emotions. Fairly sensitive and has strong feelings. Very enthusiastic about life.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% Holds in Emotions (E.g.. Volcano), Uninhibited, power seeking. Moody, uncontrollable, emotions.


ACTIVITY UNDER 45% Lacks inner strength. Little motivation and physical power. Tired of life or ungrounded. Adrenal fatigue.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Ability to accomplish goals. Yellow in root area indicates the desire to control in relationships.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Positive energy flow. Good driving force and is motivated. Feels life with passion.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% Very powerful and aggressive. Overly passionate. Maybe holding in anger. Lives off adrenaline rushes.