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Chakra Analysis Quick Interpretation Guide

On the Biopulsar-Reflexograph the typical energy flow is represented between 45-60; however, if one uses a lot of energy from a chakra centre, with little or no energy reserve, than the chakra loses energy rapidly depleting the energy centre very quickly. Between 58-72 shows an optimum reserve of energy, which allows one to use any of the centres with good power behind it. Values between 45-57 are normal, but little reserve is available. Under 45 signifies an energy loss and conditions where symptoms can begin to manifest.

The closer all the chakra percentages, the better the communication between the centres and the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual power one has. For energy flow to move up the chakras there must be good strength in the root centre and throughout all the chakras. If any centre is over or under-active than this indicates a chakra blockage or an energy jam. All energy disturbances can be balanced through the daily use of colour.

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ACTIVITY UNDER 45% At the moment lacks spiritual and Godly connection, inspiration & creativity. Low self-value.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Moderate beliefs. Good spiritual connection and fair flow of inspiration and creativity.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Strong beliefs. Spiritual channel open with good flow of inspiration and creativity.

ACTIVITY OVER 72% May place too much trust in the Universe. Egotistical and feeling of superiority.

Ungrounded and unrealistic. Too open and too many thoughts.


ACTIVITY UNDER 45% Represses or has little trust in intuition. Sleeping problems, headaches, lethargy, depression.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 45%-57% Fairly good intuitive connection. Good understanding and fairly empathic when the chakra percent is high.

ACTIVITY BETWEEN 58%-72% Strong intuitive connection. Very empathetic. Very good understanding […]

Thought Waves Are Colour Vibrations

The cosmic currents that surround our earth correspond in colour and rate of vibration to each of the colours in the aura of men and all living creatures. Our aura is an electrical image of our thoughts and physical health.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

This means that everything is energy, including every thought that we have. Each type of thought has its own pulse wave, which in reality is a colour vibration or more specifically a wavelength of colour!

Furthermore, thoughts can radiate positiveness or they can give out a negative vibe. In the colour language positive thoughts are vibrant and negative thoughts are tainted with darkness. Lack of power in a thought shows itself as a dull or pastel shade. Every thought has its own vibration that is expressed in its own colour.

Thoughts create your feelings so if your thoughts are negative they can make you feel bad. We even have many phrases that illustrate a “colour” connection such as melancholy BLUE, RED with anger, tickled PINK, GREEN with envy, YELLOW bellied coward, etc.

On the other hand, good feelings tell you that you are in alignment with yourself. When you feel great, your aura radiates positiveness that we often call charisma. Your aura is a direct reflection of you, which in essence is how you think and feel as well as your health.

We have to understand that what we radiate out is what we will attract. A positive attitude will attract good things into our life and negative thoughts will attract mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems.

Once you know the sequence of your own colour-coded brain map and the colours of your thoughts,  you can better understand the repeating positive or negative […]